What is supervision

Primarily Supervision offers support, development, and reflection on any number of issues affecting your work and/or personal life.

How this is experienced varies from Supervisor to Supervisor.

I consider your worldview in practice, and am trained in deconstructive processing to quickly understand core issues, and to seek integration and balance within your context.

 Why have supervision?

Supervision builds on your knowledge and experience, promoting positive outcomes for you, and all who you come in contact with.

Supervision also;

  • Promotes reflective and intentional professional practice
  • Allows issues of safety and ethics to be addressed  
  • Offers a new perspective 
  • Supports the practitioner 
  • Challenges unsafe practice

 I am a qualified Bicultural Supervisor, proudly of Te Ātihaunui a Pāpārangi and Latvian descent, and have lived walking in two worlds as Tangata Whenua and Tau iwi. This offers a unique perspective on bicultural balance, tension and challenges.

 Kaitiaki Supervision, in my practice uses a range of modalities, and embraces the concept of Akiaki te Ti o Te Tangata (to nurture the indescribable light of a person).

In this process I will seek to understand and support you. Together we can work towards strong reflective practice and positive outcomes.