What is counselling?

Counsellors use a range of skills and therapeutic approaches to offer a different perspective and increased understanding.

This can enable the client to focus on feelings, experiences or behaviour, with a goal to facilitating positive change.

The Counsellor will seek to understand the clients perspective, with the clients needs and safety being paramount.

My approach

I work with a client-centred focus. This means that I listen, respectfully and without judgement. I will with compassion try to understand how things are through your eyes, and then together we can work towards a positive outcome for you.

We do this together by;

  • Identifying concerns and understanding how they are affecting your life.
  • Exploring possibilities or new ways to deal with the concerns.
  • Recognise patterns and cycles and ways of intervening in these.
  • Developing strategies and options for your relationships.
  • Recognising and acting on goals, dreams, hopes and expectations that you hold for your life.
  • Recognising or reconnecting with your strengths, abilities and qualities and acting on these.

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